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31st Oct 2006 Questionable Practice British Gas complaints 'double'

British Gas is not only the UK's most expensive energy provider, it also provides the worst customer service - according to research from Energywatch.

The consumer watchdog said complaints about British Gas in the six months to September were twice last year's total, while complaints about its rivals fell.

The top problems were inaccurate bills and the lack of response to enquiries.

British Gas said the service problems were a "temporary situation" and improvements had already been seen.

"We've been putting a new billing system into place this summer and training over 10,000 frontline staff, as well as recruiting 500 extra staff," a British Gas statement said.

"This is part of a 400m investment we are making to transform the way we deal with customers.

"We are confident the investments in service being made will restore our position as one of the UK's top rated energy suppliers."

Energywatch said it received 15,433 complaints about British Gas in the six months to September, more than double the same period in 2005.

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