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Date Issue Title
31st Oct 2006 Other Issue Washington chip probe eyes Sony

US authorities are investigating Sony's electronics unit and have asked for information about its static random access memory, or SRAM, business.
It comes two weeks after the Department of Justice launched an inquiry into fellow SRAM chip makers, Samsung and Cypress Semiconductor.

Sony said it would co-operate with the investigation, which it called an industry-wide inquiry.

In 2005, Sony produced 3.3bn yen ($27.7m; 14.6m) worth of SRAM.

The items are made by other firms for Sony, which then sells the memory chips to other electronics makers.

The US investigation is the latest bad news for Sony, coming shortly after the firm recalled millions of laptop computer batteries because of a potential fire risk.

SRAM chips provide rapid access to data in computer and telephone networks.

The much bigger dynamic random access memory, or DRAM, market specialises in lower-performance chips that store data while a device is turned on.

SRAM is faster and more reliable than DRAM, and is also more expensive.

A previous crackdown on the DRAM chip market found evidence of price fixing.

It saw more than $731m (394m) in fines given to 12 people and four firms - Samsung Electronics, Elpida Memory, Infineon Technologies and Hynix Semiconductor.

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