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Royal Bank of Scotland RBS fined 14.5m over mortgage advice
Deutsche Bank Other Issue Deutsche Bank, HSBC accused in US suit of rigging silver price
GlaxoSmithKline Other Issue Systematic bribery at GlaxoSmithKline China 'credible'
Goldman Sachs Questionable Practice Goldman Sachs fined over dark pool pricing
British Gas Questionable Practice British Gas staff mis-sold deals, says regulator Ofgem
Wonga Questionable Practice Wonga chased debt using fake law firms
British Gas Other Issue British Gas heavily fined over complaint handling
Microsoft Corporation Other Issue Microsoft must pay $290m for patent infringement
Saint-Gobain Fraud Investigation Glass makers hit with huge fine
Barclaycard Questionable Practice Silent calls fine for Barclaycard
GE Money Home Lending Other Issue Mortgage firm fined over lost 2m
Merrill Lynch Questionable Practice Lawsuit threat to Merrill Lynch
Morgan Stanley Questionable Practice US banks give clients $7bn refund
CitiGroup Questionable Practice Citigroup reaches SEC settlement
British Airways Fraud Investigation BA bosses in price-fixing charge
Samsung Fraud Investigation Prosecutors charge Samsung chief
Samsung Fraud Investigation Prosecutors question Samsung boss
Pentagon Capital Management Fraud Investigation SEC sues UK hedge fund and boss
AB Volvo Questionable Practice AB Volvo fined for Iraq kickbacks
Starbucks Other Issue Starbucks must pay $100m in tips
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